• All Conformity Assessment Bodies applying for ESMA Technical Regulation Scopes
  • Valid UAE Trade License
  • Valid Registration Certificate
  • Valid Accreditation Certificate
  • Clients Happiness center According to the Global Star Rating System
  • Agreement between ESMA and the Applicant signed by applicant’s top management
  • Accreditation Certificates issued either by ENAS or any ESMA approved accreditation body for the applied scope as a notified body.
  • Quality Manual and Procedures including procedures for evaluation and conformity assessment schemes
  • Policy for Independence and Impartiality of the Applicant approved by top management.
  • Description of independence of the conformity assessment body from the designating authority and from the competent authority, in particular when this body is a public entity/institution
  • Liability Insurance Coverage with a minimum amount of coverage of AED 3,000,000
  • List of All Qualified personnel per scope (permanent, non-permanent, external) with Duties and Responsibilities of personnel involved in the applied scope of notification activities (As defined in Annex 2)
  • Description of accredited inspection and system certification capabilities
  • Documentation demonstrating adequate core competence within the conformity assessment body to assess, select, contract, and to verify the appropriateness and validity of subcontractor activities
  • List of Accredited Subcontractors including detailed document specifying a clear description of the subcontracted work
  • Checklist/Forms
  • Full details of other licensed activities (not covered in the scope) being carried out by the CAB in the UAE
  • Details of own accredited laboratories and testing facilities
  • Nondiscriminatory policy when dealing with clients signed by top management
  • Qualification matrix/Qualification criteria
  • To apply for Notification Service, please complete the procedure below.

Application fees(New/ Renewal/ Scope Ammendment)

1000 AED

Document review fees

2500 AED

Assessment fees
(per man\day)

7500 AED

Certificate fees

15000 AED

Uplifting Notification Suspension during 60 days from suspension date(each time)

1000 AED